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Who we are

Dotical is a company providing a full set of IT-based services, from hiring dedicated developers to offering data-driven digital marketing solutions and managed IT services.

Fueled by purpose, we partner with small to medium businesses all around the globe, offering tailor-made services to help them overcome their technology and marketing-based challenges and reach their growth pote

Why Trust Dotical !?


We constantly deliver outstanding quality solutions to our customers with our senior team, who are experts in their own fields. Our priority has always been creating long-term partnerships with our customers through a constantly excellent experience.

All in one

No need to overwhelm yourself with different teams while we can get it all done only by one company. We cover all services a business needs within our large team of experts and have almost all the expertise you may look for.

Cost Efficient

With the help of our team of geographically distributed experts, we ensure to deliver the highest quality while staging cost-efficient. Our customers are benefiting from best-in-class services with unrivaled pricing.

Digital Marketing

Our team of digital marketing experts provides you with services from designing your Brand's website to doing effective Search engine Optimization (SEO) and promoting your products and services by running digital Campaigns and even more. We offer the full suite of Digital Marketing and Website services to increase your brand exposure online, grow your sales and make you a dominant leader in your market, all under one roof.

We have been successfully helping B2B and B2C businesses with their digital marketing strategies and executions, making us qualified to offer the most effective channels you should invest in to guarantee you the highest return.

Dedicated Developers

We are a large and diverse group of experts with experience in all steps of the software development process from A to Z. If you are puzzled about the scope of your project and what expertise is required, our software analysts will help you.

Once you have the right estimation and project plan, you can go ahead and hire any of our experts for short (e.g., hourly) or long-term projects (e.g., yearly), dedicated or part time.

Managed IT Services Provider

Most companies devote about 80% of their IT resources to simple tasks such as maintenance, handling incidents, troubleshooting, updating, and provisioning. That leaves little time to devote to strategic activities and address new opportunities that could deliver real value to the business.

With more than 10 years of experience creating and maintaining IT infrastructures for small and medium-sized enterprises, we let you focus on your business development while taking care of your IT resources.

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